We'd love to help. Please try these steps first. If they don't work, then open a ticket and get in touch and we'll help you get it resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Please check you're using the right login credentials. Your username and password was sent to you in the very first welcome email you received when you joined Genius.  Try again with those.
  2. Clearing your cache will solve this issue in most cases. Click on the browser which you are using: 
    1. FireFox quick link
    2. Chrome quick link
    3. Safari quick link
    4. Internet Explorer quick link
  3. If you're getting a Login/Password incorrect issue, please follow the 'Forgot Your Password' link and reset your logins. Then try again. 

If none of the above works for you, open a ticket and get in touch. We'll get to the bottom of this and solve it for you as soon as we can.